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Artist Biography


As a proud Florida native, I've spent my life basking in the radiant glow of the Jacksonville sunshine, where I was born and raised. My artistic journey has been deeply intertwined with the vibrant spirit of this Sunshine State.

I am an alum of the esteemed University of North Florida, holding a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art, and I have also delved into the captivating realm of Arts in Medicine through the University of Florida's program. My artistic education has taken me across the Atlantic, where I honed my skills in Italy, France, Croatia, and other European countries, further enriching my creative perspective.

My canvas tells a story of my unique path. As an Artist in Residence, I've drawn inspiration from my diverse life experiences and artistic training abroad, channeling the worlds of art and health and wellness. The fusion of these two passions is a central theme in my Fine Art, a reflection of my mission to heal and uplift through creativity.

Nature, with its timeless and profound healing powers, has been an everlasting muse in my work. The interplay of the natural world on our mental and physical well-being is a subject that continues to captivate my artistic spirit.

Today, I have the privilege of being an Artist in Residence, painting alongside patients in medical settings. It's within these intimate moments of creativity and healing that my vision has crystallized. It's what has driven me to create a thriving business dedicated to live painting for events. My mission is to share the transcendent art experience with others, offering a unique opportunity to connect with the creative force within us all.

Join me on this exhilarating journey, where art, wellness, and the magic of live painting converge to make every moment an unforgettable masterpiece.

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